"the four ages of the womanhood" bespoke neckpiece

"the four ages of the womanhood" bespoke neckpiece

250 GBP

The neckpiece is called "the four ages of the womanhood".  
All the elements are hand-titched on a foam and fabric base wchi make it very light & comfy to wear. 

It as been part of my personal exhibition "Obsolescence Déprogrammée" at Isabelle Gounod Gallery in Paris.  
It is composed of barbie and dolls of different stage of life ( baby, little girl, middle age woman and the skeleton symbolising the death).  The head of the woman have been replaced by the lotus flower as a sign of femininity and as a reference to Dali's woman with a flower head, but also to Ronsard poem "Mignonne allons voir si la rose" reminding that like for flowers woman's beauty fade as time is passing, linking classicism tradition of "memento mori" to surrealistic cliche of sensuality.