day of the dead bespoke necklace - frida Kahlo inspiration

180 GBP
skulls decorated with gold glitters, barbie face with fabric flowers  skeleton adorned with beads 
hand stitched on a foam base covered with fabric, orange tassels 
very detailed  wearable artcollar light and comfy 

-exhibited at the Gallery Isabelle Gounod May 2016 for the exhibition "obscolescence déprogrammée" 

-The neckpiece refers to the day of the dead celebration in Mexico. The skeleton adorned with colourful beads celebrate death in a joyful macabre dance. The neckpiece also questions the iconic figure of Frida Kahlo as the flagship o postmodernism feminism and her re-appropriation by consuming society by the transformation of barbie "Jasmin, disney character" into the mexican artist face.