Bespoke Jurassic Park dinosaurs jacket

Bespoke Jurassic Park dinosaurs jacket

500 GBP
hand stitched dinosaurs on a beige canevas jacket 
warning: very heavy piece 6kg with all the studs incorporated on the jacket, strong people only! 
fit a size 8 to 12
Absolutely unique one off piece! wearable art 

For this Jurassic Park jacket, I used a beige  canvas base with studs that looked like an adventurous explorer jacket.  The process was quite long as I had to cut in half very precisely the big size dinosaurs and drill holes in them and then stitch them on the jacket to create a kind of embossed landscape.  A friend told me I was like Damien Hirst, with a dinosaur version of his cut in half cow sculpture!
Then I stitched the leaves of plastic palm tree around them to link the dinosaurs between them and recreate their natural habitat giving the feeling of a lush jungle.  They also provide some camouflage so the game is more fair with the dinosaurs hunters!