amazone kawaii hyper japan toys bespoke neckpiece

amazone kawaii hyper japan toys bespoke neckpiece

180 GBP
kawaii plastic toys hand stitched on a foam and fury pink base adorned with gemstones and beads 

the neckpiece have been part of my solo exhibition "Obsolescence Déprogrammé"  at Isabelle Gounod Gallery in Paris 
This kawaii neckpiece "cute" in japanese defines a sweet aesthetic of pastel colours. It allows the adult to find again the wonderful innocence of childhood in a society where the entrance in professional world is always more and more harder.  

The kawaii sensitivity, merely aesthetic, non committed and depoliticised relies a image of women of weakness and devoid of responsibilities. Presented as a breastplate that could refer to a warrior jerkin. This piece question the ambivalent status of this kawaii amazon , between strength and vulnerability.